The cats of Marrakech

6:15 clock in the morning: I wake up and realize that it was only a dream, but it upset me so much that I start crying … I cried so much, first out of relief that it was a nightmare, but then I remembered yesterday, our first day in Marrakech: My dream was pure reality!

I have travelled the world, but never has the fate of animals moved me so much as here! Cats roaming the rooftops, jumping from roof to roof in search of food, living every day with the risk of falling down! Cats sitting on top of dustbins, eating leftovers. Cats that are vegetating, neglected and hurt. Small kitten cuddling each other! Or just sitting there, not being able to move because they are so weak and emaciated. These are pictures that I just cannot get out of my head …

It really tore my heart apart! Then I started thinking of Romy and Tommy. Did my cats experience something similar back in Crete, where they were found? In the kittens I saw my two cats, and I felt relief at the thought that Romy and Tommy are fine now, living with me.

But how many cats share the fate of the street cats of Marrakech?

I know I can’t take all the cats with me.  They have to be castrated. I am also aware that I cannot save every animal in the world, even if I wanted!! For a moment, I decided not to leave the riad, because I wasn’t able to stand the sight. But if we all close our eyes, nothing will ever change!

YOU can do something! If everyone does just a little and does not look away like 90% of the tourists, then the little creatures have a chance to be helped.

I knew it would not be a permanent solution, but I wanted to do something the moment I saw the misery. So I decided to buy cat food and started to feed some cats. It touched me so much and made me happy for a moment, when I saw the happy faces of the cats! The locals responded very positively to our action … and although we could not help all the cats, there were still a few cats that we made happy!

This topic concerns me so much that, if I could, I would go back to Marrakech and look after the street cats. And I’m sure, I will do it one day. 

Would you like to help, too? Take a look at the website of Helga Heidrich Foundation. She takes care of the sick animals in Morocco.

Here I show you a few impressions of our relief action. Helping is not only good for those who are being helped, but also makes the helpers happy!

Thank you, dear Stephanie, for your support and the great videos!

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