Your fairy tale photo shoot with your favorite animal

A photo shoot session with your favourite animal is not only a normal photo shoot, but a very special event!

Your day starts with a brunch (or coffee and cake, depending on the season), either at my place or in the vicinity of the animal. We get to know each other and discuss the shoot. I inform you where particular attention must be paid during the shoot and how to deal with the animal. I tell you a bit about the animal and also about my work. A photo shoot with an animal takes a great deal of patience and empathy. Every animal is different, that’s why this first meeting is very important to me.

Before your make-up artist joins us, you can choose a beautiful dress, which makes you feel like a princess before the shoot has even started. In my clothes pool there are various princess and evening dresses in different colours. If I don’t have a dress in your size, please contact me.

While you are enjoying a glass of champagne, your make-up artist styles you in a fashion that underlines your beauty. You may also choose matching jewellery and nail polish to make your outfit perfect.

When your styling is finished and you are ready, we will drive to your favourite animal. This can take up to two hours in the car. If you don’t have a car, I will be happy to invite you to come with me.

Once arrived at the location, you have time to familiarise yourself with your favourite animal. Of course, I will capture this emotional moment when you are smiling and your eyes are gleaming for joy, with my camera. Enjoy this precious moment and forget everything around you.

After two weeks at the latest you will get a preselection of the pictures, from which you can choose your favourites, which I will then process. You will receive these lovely photos both in digital form and as prints. By ordering an acrylic block (included in the package ‚Princess’) or a wall picture (included in the package ‚Queen’) you can enjoy this wonderful experience again or delight a loved one with a present.

A photo shoot with an animal is like balm for the soul as it makes you forget everything around you. Let my photos convince you that you are unique and beautiful!