Q & A

Do I get the unprocessed photos after the photoshoot?

No, because image processing is an essential part of my work. This is why I do not supply RAW-Files or unprocessed pictures. But you can order additional photos at an extra charge.

I don’t live in Switzerland. Do you also come to Germany or Austria for a photoshoot?

If you have your own animal or you know a trustworthy animal owner, I will be happy to come to you. Travel expenses will be charged extra, but within Switzerland all travel costs are included in the designated price.

Where do you get the animals from?

I have found the animal owners either on the internet or vial personal contacts. With each animal owner who I hire animals from, I have done at least one test photo shoot to see if the animal is suitable for photo shoots and if it is treated well.

Can I bring someone to the photo shoot?

Yes, of course! You may bring an accompanying person as long as they don’t take any pictures with a camera. Mobile photos during the photo shoot session are ok.

What can I use my photos for?

You have a private right of use, i.e. you can publish them anywhere you want, even on your social media. You can have them printed out and enlarged. Changing your photos, however, is not allowed in any way. This also includes Instagram filters. Selling the photos is also forbidden.

I have no experience in posing in front of a camera. Is this a disadvantage?

Not necessarily. In my work, the focus is not on posing perfectly in front of the camera, but on capturing the emotions between you and your favourite animal. It’s important that you remain relaxed and don’t become tense. During the styling, I will give you some hints, so that the shoot will be a success.

What happens if the animal doesn’t like me?

There are always several animals, except for the reindeer shoot. If you really feel uncomfortable, we can choose another animal. Before the session starts, I will give you hints on how you can gain the animal’s confidence.

I will bring my own animal and my own dress. Do I still have to pay the full price?

No, if you bring your own dress and your own animal, you can deduct 100 CHF (animal) and 120 CHF (dress and jewelry) from the package price.

What happens if it rains?  

We will watch the weather forecast the day before and if pouring rain is on the way, we will find an alternative date. The probability, however, that it is pouring just at the time we are doing the photoshoot, is very low. But you must feel comfortable, that’s why the decision is yours.

How long does it take until I get the pictures? 

In the contract I have specified that I will have to deliver the photos after three months at the latest, but mostly, I am much quicker.