My story

Some years ago, I was going through a difficult time… I was also looking for a  new challenge in my life. I had always taken pictures, but I never knew what kind of pictures I really wanted to take. Until I had my first photo shoot session with an animal. Actually, it was my second photo shoot with an animal. But it was just this one photo with model Adelina and the huskies that became so successful overnight that I could not believe it myself. It gave me so much courage that I started to pursue a goal. Due to distressing circumstances, I was suffering from self-doubt and self-hate during that time.  I fell asleep in the evening and woke up crying. Then I began to take photos of people with animals. Working with animals made me forget about my worries during the day. With my photos, I created exactly what I had longed for: affection and love!

The photoshoots with animals gave me the feeling of being a special person. But above all, they gave me the strength and the courage to get out of this difficult time. One day I made a decision that changed my life!

Now I began to break away from the people who were not good for me and hurt me. I began to believe in myself and my talents, and I became more and more convinced of the powerful impact that animals have on us humans. The deep connection to animals has shown me how much strength and courage I have!

Today I know that I had to go through this hard time … because it has given me a wonderful mission in my life!

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