My Cats from an animal shelter

Romy and Tommy (see picture) originally come from Greece, where they were found together in the street. They were brought to Switzerland in summer 2017 and stayed at different pet shelters. By coincidence, they ended up in the cat shelter Chatzestübli and, from this time,  have been inseparable.

Their fate touched me so much that I decided to visit them. After Romy had snarled at me when saying ’hello’ and Tommy had let me cuddle him, I lost my heart!

We put Romy and Tommy in two transportation boxes and drove to their new home. What a memorable moment when I became aware that, from now on, I will be responsible for these two lovely little creatures and can offer them a loving home!

Everything was new, not only for Romy and Tommy. I, too, had to get used to the new situation – having sleepless night and having to make my home ’cat-proof’. The first days, they hardly showed up, just sitting fearfully under the sofa. In the meantime, Tommy has become quite relaxed and easy-going, permanently demanding his cuddles (he even keeps me from working on the computer). At night he goes on discovery tours, and when I’m not around, he eats the jam from my toast. Romy was very reserved at the beginning and only came out from under the sofa, when she felt safe. In the meantime, the little princess has also thawed out and lets me cuddle her.

I love animals a lot, but I would never have expected how much joy my two little darlings would bring me. It’s just a wonderful feeling to come home and be given a ’miaowing’ welcome – I am absolutely happy.

By the way, I recommend anybody who is thinking about having a cat, to get them from an animal home or a cat shelter. There are so many pets wanting a real home, which never have the chance to be loved by humans.

That’s why I would like to thank Ursula Marcias and her daughter from the Katzenauffangstation Chatzestübli for their dedicated work and for their loving care for their cats. There are still enough lovely cats waiting for a home where they are loved and cared for.

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