Mentoring means that I will spend a whole day just with you to share my knowledge and experience. This implies 

– two hours theory

– one hour photoshoot

– two hours image processing

The theory part includes:

– general information about people-animal photography

– preparations

– features specific to your favourite animal

– equipment

– how to deal with models and your favourite animal

– how to find suitable animals

– picture ideas

– inspirations

– posing

– technical details

– and everything you would like to know

After the theory we will have a bite to eat so we can start the photoshoot strengthened, fresh and full of energy.

During the shoot I will show you posings and give you hints on how to take excellent photos.

The model will get dressed in your favourite dress. Of course, you may choose your model. The styling (hair-do and make-up) is not included in the price, but if you wish, you can book it for an extra 180 CHF.

Packed with brilliant photos, we will go back, and I will show you my workflow in Photoshop. After that you may process one or two pictures together with me.

Still have questions? During a nice dinner we have time to talk and to review what you have learned.

The mentoring costs 1190 CHF.

This includes the fee for the model, the rent of the dress, your favourite animal and meals.

You can bring one or two people for an extra of as little as CHF 100 per person.

I look forward to the day together with you!