Animals are like balm for my soul. They give me the feeling of peace and comfort.

This is why I want to show the emotional connection between human and animal in my pictures, as well as the therapeutic effect that animals can have on people.

In my life, everything has been evolving around animals, photography, travel and languages so far. I am in my mid-thirties and grew up in the north of Germany. After finishing my studies of Roman languages and communication, I left my home country in order to work in Spain in the tourist industry. A few years later I moved to Switzerland and started travelling around the world as a flight attendant. In order to be able to take the most fascinating cities with me, I bought my first reflex camera in 2011 and mainly took pictures of cities at night.

A coupled years ago, a friend gave me the idea to try people photography. But I missed the connection between two souls in portraits. It was then that I tried the experiment of a photo shoot with huskies. I enjoyed shooting with animals so much that I soon knew that this was my vocation – the emotional people animal photography.

Thanks to my high degree of empathy, I find it easy to capture the emotions between human and animal in a way I feel them myself. Using beautiful princess dresses, I want to create feelings in peoples’ hearts in the form of pictures that will make them forget about their problems for a moment.

Photography does not only give me the possibility to express my feelings, but also to use my creativity and my talent for organisation to shape unique photo shoot sets.

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I look forward to meet you and to create a magical atmosphere between you and your favourite animal.

Would you like to learn more about my person and my work? Why not visit my blog?