Animal Magic 2019

The social event „Animal Magic“ in Switzerland took place for the second time. At the end of May 2019, 12 talented photographers, four wonderful models, four creative make-up artists came together with numerous fantastic animals to pursue their passion – people-animal photography!

We started the event on Saturday lunchtime with a small meet-and-greet round. Apart from our four ’old hands’ and several photographers I had known from previous husky- and reindeer workshops or from customer photoshoots, there were also some new faces. Each participant was full of creativity and new ideas. Very soon, small teams had gathered together, which created their own individual photoshoot sets.

Carmen, Rebecca, Shannon and Jessica delighted the photographers with their empathetic and loving way of dealing with the animals. They didn’t even shy away from snakes! Apart from camels, alpacas, ferrets, wolfhounds and turtles, it was again LaFayette that attracted everybody’s attention – a proud, elegant cock which loves the limelight!

A very exciting atmosphere developed in the teams, completely free of competitiveness. Every photographer has their own style, so it was wonderful to see how they exchanged their opinions and supported each other. You could feel their sense of belonging together.

When it started raining in the afternoon, we became creative and came up with great ideas to take nice photos even in the rain. Together we got the best out of this weather. In the evening, we had a barbecue and exchanged our ideas and impressions.

On Sunday, at six in the morning, we were waiting for our photographers and the team with coffee from the Sleepy Bear Café and a delicious breakfast. We took the first sun rays and the morning dawn with us and then enjoyed the company of owls and falcons! Our participants even swapped roles and took photographs from each other with an owl on the camera!

We took as many photos as we could and headed back home in the early afternoon with full memory cards.

With a fantastic weekend, a strong feeling of belonging together and unforgettable experiences behind us, we are already looking forward to Animal Magic 2020!

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